KCCH Court of Honor
The KCCH Court of Honor is made of 4 main officers – the Commander, the Lt. Commander, the Secretary, and the Chaplain. The general membership is comprised of all the KCCH Court of Honor Brethern in the valley.

The Knights Commanders Court of Honor or KCCH is a prestigious organization; composed exclusively of “red hats” who are the 32º Masters of the Royal Secret in this Valley. The KCCH are made of an elite unit of select Scottish Rite Masons.

The Knights in the KCCH are involved in activities that will significantly impact the life of the Valley. Each member is a known leader in the Masonic fraternity.

They exist as a supportive organization on behalf of all members of their Consistory, serving as role models for new brothers to look up to, inspiring brothers to be active in the Valley, and actively raising money thru special events to aid the Valley’s operations budget.

Orlando Scottish Rite
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Valley of Orlando, Orient of Florida
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